digital inkjet printer(Water based Ink)

digital inkjet printer(Water based Ink)

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Machine features - comprehensive upgrade performance improvement

1 high precision nozzle (1-2) with 3200 holes.

2. Precision up to colour and to achieve variable ink printing, excessive is smoother and more natural, more uniform color, colors more vivid.

3 speed of up to 30 square meters / hour (3PS) (single nozzle configuration) speeding production rate is no longer a dream.

4 of the new design innovation, even if the car body of high-speed mobile stable also be as steady as Mount Tai.

5 use the high level all quiet THK guide rail, to ensure that the high-speed movement is more stable and quiet.

6 the spindle servo heavy type brushless motor industry, ensure the long time work is more reliable and stable.


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